Rev. Fr. Edmund Tillekeratne. Thu, Aug 31, '2017

The celebration of the 30 years of its history and the prestigious journey of the HolyChildhood Society of Sri Lanka was held on 29 th July, 2017 at St. Joseph's CollegeAuditorium in Maradana with the officiating of His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith asthe Chief Guest, in a grand manner. At this get together all participants did experience thetrue love of Jesus as many people who have been contributing there services towards theupkeep of the Holy Childhood Society from its inception in the year 1987 to 2015 wereinvited and entertained. It was a moment and a day where the past Collaborators - past andpresent National Directors, past and present Diocesan Directors, past and present Animators,Co-ordinators and Holy Childhood Children who have been called to be ordinated as a Priestor to be consecrated as a Nun, the past members of the Staff of the Pontifical MissionSocieties, National Office did have a chance of meeting old colleagues and share their pastexperiences and meeting one another in a friendly manner. It is no secret that due to thisreason the get together proved to be a real blessing received by all from the Lord. The gettogether was made more meaningful and colorful as some Animators along with HolyChildhood Children did perform dances to a few songs selected from the Compact Discwhich was produced and presented this day.

This day in a special way by the Theme for the day being "I CALLED YOU BY NAME TO BEA DISCIPLE..." all were invited to spread and carry to the World the Good News andbecome Saints of the times. It was indeed strength for the Holy Childhood Children tobecome a Saint through the experiences had being a member of the Holy Childhood Society.The aim of the get together was to gather in one place all the said past Collaborators in orderto get back their services in their present capacities to give strength to and for the bettermentof the Holy Childhood Society of Sri Lanka and it was a success. It is a pleasure to note andwe are proud to mention that at the get together close upon 1,500 participants took part. ThisHoly Childhood get together can be considered as one which gave the Holy ChildhoodSociety a new facelift and granted the ability to go ahead in a new way for another 30 yearsand more to come. It was a chance to open new doors and avenues as well for the successfulcontinuation of the Holy Childhood Society and was indeed a gift and a blessing receivedfrom God.

The Event was mainly organized by the members of the Staff of the National Office of thePontifical Mission Societies, Sri Lanka under the guidance and leadership of its NationalDirector - Rev. Fr. Basil Rohan Fernando.


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